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We use solely prime quality tools and instrumentality, however, the most issue - is that the Golden Hands of our craftsmen

Modern Interior Design

Clean lined style. Avoids excessive accessories and decorations. Minimal use of textures. Asymmetrical balance in furnishings and layout.

Classics Interior Design

Order, symmetry, and balance are the main keys. Room ordered around a put concentration, like the fireside. Natural colors and materials. Elegant materials.

Exhibition stall

Retro Style Interior Design literally besets several decades of styles influenced by trends and styles from the past, second hand and new.

Contemporary Interior Design

It’s not static.Contemporary design is anything but static. Although it’s quite comfortable in its own skin , universal contemporary design is ever-evolving, sometimes slowly and sometimes not.

Country Interior Design

Unpretentious and homey, it harks back to the early days of the United States, drawn from farming traditions, indigenous materials, and an emphasis on handmade furnishings and textiles.

Exhibition stall

We are one in every of the simplest interior service suppliers in Bangladesh in sense of constructing totally different forms of exhibition stall.

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Why Choose Us ?

Collaborate with buyers according to their requests and provide decoration concepts that meet all aspects of purchasers within budget

Create drawings, sketches or visual pictures of decorations for purchasers to review.

Evaluate the relation between technical and visual applications of the piece of furniture, lighting, ornamentation and layout of areas to form the perfect balance between practicality and look.

Manage the decoration method with our interior contractors and interior designers, about art, color schemes, patterns, piece of furniture and accessories of rooms and areas.

With the assistance of our interior decoration company, you’ll be able to purchase furniture and decoration at a reasonable price.

Recommend or meet with purchasers to choose out best materials and decoration to form and enhance the interior atmosphere.

Understand a way to use color schemes, patterns, materials and material choices to form ideal interior atmosphere supported consumer satisfaction

Stay up-to-date on latest ornamentation and widespread themes, color patterns and decorations.


Concorde Garments Group,
Concorde Garments Group

Excellent work! It was simply beyond my expectation. I'll work with them again.

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Beyond a doubt remarkable work in such limited time! Thank you a lot for the adaptability. Look ahead to working with you sooner or later and Let me recommend you to our network, Thanks.

Concord Garments group,

Better turnaround, Better value, Best Quality. Happy to make a deal with V Studio.

Sunstar Bangladesh,
CEO / Manager

V Studio keeps promises! I love the ways they communicated and follow-up services were impressive in a word. Keep V Studio top on your list while checking interior design services.

Anam Corporation,

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Architecture and style don’t seem to be static professions: designs evolve, technologies advance, challenges propel. A contemporary sense of luxury that’s contemporary, restrained and picture for residential, commercial, and welcome properties. We tend to square measure first consultants within the field of structural and ornamental style.