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Home Interior Design

Home Interior Design, also known as Home Interior Decoration is the art and science of renovating a building’s interior and the execution of architectural interiors and their furnishings to create a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people residing in it. This is a Billion Doller Global Industry at the present time. If you want to give your home or office a unique and sophisticated look, you can choose either of the four major types of Interior Designing style- Traditional interior designing style. Modern style of interior design. Industrial interior design style, and finally Minimalist interior design style. In case, if you are planning to renovate your home, you can find some leading Home Interior Design Service providers even in Bangladesh. One of them, which definitely stands out from the rest is V Studio.

Home Interior Design In Bangladesh

The industry of Interior design is growing day by day in Bangladesh. You can find quite a few Home Interior Design Service providers in Bangladesh who follow world-class standards. But if you are looking for the leading one among them, then we are proud to claim that this is the end of your quest. Yes, we are referring to V Studio, the best and most affordable choice you can make, especially when quality and budget are your top priorities. 

V Studio is the most vibrant and dynamic full-fledged interior design company which brings out its customers’ hidden persona. In order to do this, we thoroughly assess your preferences and requests, which ultimately fulfill your inexpressible requirements. Currently, we are providing the service of Home Interior Design in Dhaka but our reputation is not confined to it. With our extreme dedication, diligence, continuous effort to self-improvement, and finally trust of our highly esteemed clients, we are in a place now where we can confidently claim ourselves as the best interior design company In Bangladesh.


World-Class Residence Interior Design

V Studio follows world-class parameters while providing services. We have customized our packages according to your needs. Each of our specialized packages gained individual high ratings from our respective clients. We pay special attention to the details, unity & harmony, balance, emphasis, contrast, rhythm, proportion & scale to bring out the best possible appearance of your property. So, you can tell by now we don’t compromise the quality of our output, not even a little bit. Our professionalism and experience made us confident that we can guarantee you world-class service.

Our Home Interior Design Services

Here at V Studio, we are focusing on improving the arrangements for every aspect of your home. In our Home Interior Design package, we are providing-

You’ll appreciate our selection of fashionable and reasonably priced bedroom decor at V Studio. The styles, color palettes, and decor ideas in our carefully chosen master bedroom designs may all be altered to suit your preferences. We have all the bedroom interior design ideas you’ll need to turn your bedroom into a space that expresses your personality and taste, whether you’re searching for a space with a modern aesthetic or one with a rustic sensibility. Select one of these popular designs to kick off your bedroom remodeling with V Studio right now.


We create modular kitchen designs at V Studio that are the ideal fusion of practicality and elegance. From straightforward kitchens with modest interiors to more ornately designed kitchen interiors, these chosen modern kitchen ideas cover a wide variety. Every one of our kitchen designs may be altered to match your needs and available space. We also offer kitchen interior designs that accommodate various shapes. Our objective is to create a kitchen interior design that complements your house to the fullest. Look through our kitchen design ideas to update your room right away.

At V Studio, you can browse a huge selection of carefully chosen living room and drawing room interior designs and Decor ideas. We provide you with adaptable, useful, and fashionable living room ideas. You’ll find all the ideas you need to get started, from modular TV sets to wall paintings and living room wall designs. Browse right away to choose your favorite style and furnish a living room that suits your taste.


Dining Space Interior Design

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in a home since it’s a common belief that families who dine together remain together! Here is your daily dose of dining room interior design ideas to kick off your home decorating adventure right away, whether you are searching for a compact dining unit or a large one.

Floor Design

Many times, the floor is not given the importance it deserves when one considers the definition of the interior design of a floor. But here, in V Studio, we give high priority to the appearance of your apartment’s floor. We assure you to get impressed once you take a look at our Floor Interior Design collection.


Ceiling Design

Change the appearance of any space with the aid of our stunning ceiling designs. Whether in the living room or the bedroom, installing fake ceiling designs is a brilliant way to give your ceilings more dimension and lighting. For your consideration, we provide a variety of carefully chosen ceiling design ideas. Find contemporary ceiling designs that match your space and budget with V Studio Studio’s Ceiling Design

We provide bathroom interior design that is both economical and of high quality. You can rely on V Studio to create a bathroom interior design that will make you feel at ease and feel cleanliness and space to breathe. We have produced some stunning bathroom designs for you to take into consideration for your upcoming home remodeling project, whether you’re searching for little bathroom ideas or spacious ones. While designing your bathroom interior, we keep in mind that it should be durable, low on maintenance, resistant to moisture, and overall looks stylish too. One thing we can guarantee is that, if we handle the bathroom interior design,  you won’t feel cramped or uneasy there.


Our Clients

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We Believe In Quality

Just because we are offering our services at a budget rate, it does not mean that we are compromising the quality of our services. Our primary goal is to provide better service compared to our competitors in the same budget range and gain clients’ trust as fast as possible. Since day one, V Studio is paying its full attention to quality and standards. Thanks to our wonderful clients’ positive ratings we can back our claim. We have divided our services into several specialized packages to ensure the highest quality for our clients. Feel free to check our website or visit us at our office if you have any doubts about the quality of our work. We will be more than happy to clear them up for you.

Why V Studio for Home Interior Design

There are a couple of reasons for you to choose V Studio for your Home Interior Design. The first one is our price range. V Studio offers the best combination of Quality and price. Compared to other interior design companies, we provide way more in the same price range. The second one is our quality compromise. Our prime focus is to provide quality service and to ensure our client’s full satisfaction. Our Devotion to quality helped us to become the best interior design company In Bangladesh. The third is our specialization and professionalism. V Studio has its own specialized packages for your apartment, office, restaurant, showroom, hotel, and more. They gained individual high ratings from our clients. Finally, we treat our clients in very high regard. We are available to assist you with our services. You can reach our hotlines or emails any time of the day.