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Office Interior Design In Bangladesh

The office is the place, where you want to draw the most productivity out of your employees. So, the environment of such a place should be able to bring the most potentiality out of your staff, boost their work performance and make them confident to take better decisions. That is why many successful companies pay great attention to building office environments while setting up the office and they hire office interior design companies for the decoration to do so, while others don’t. As a result, in the long run, the office environment gets gloomy over time, the employees can not feel motivated while they work, and eventually find them self in a difficult state to continue working there. This is the reason why you can not ignore the importance of office interior design  In Bangladesh where there lie so many business opportunities.

Office Interior Design Company In Bangladesh

There are quite a few office interior design companies in Bangladesh but you will find only e handful of companies that can fulfill your requirements with high regard. Especially when the best quality within a decent budget is your main concern, there is only one office interior design Company In Bangladesh that stands out from the rest. Yes, you guessed it right, it is the V-Studio. Currently, we are providing the service of office interior design in Dhaka but our reputation is not confined to it. Since day one, we have devoted ourselves to not compromising the quality of our output and standards. That is the key reason you will not see a single dissatisfied customer who entrusted us with the responsibility of their office interior design.


World-Class Office Interior Design

The modern workplace needs to provide more than just a space to work. It must showcase both your own preferences and brand. Additionally, a positive work atmosphere is also a must. Whether it’s a new office design or a renovation of an old one, a world-class office interior designer will ensure that the aesthetics are perfect. We are glad to inform you that V-Studio strictly follows all the office interior design principles that world-class design companies follow, such as the space, lines, forms, color, pattern, texture, and light of your office. We use modern technology to frame your workplace around these aspects of the workplace to ensure you have control of everything within your space. Your workplace should increase your company’s profitability while retaining daily employee motivation, productivity, and efficiency.

Our Office Interior Design Services

We have customized our ‘Office Interior Design’ package by breaking it down into several units. Each unit will focus on a specific and vital section of your office. Our package will include


The MD/CEO Room is the pinnacle of the corporate office because a CEO is like a captain of the ship. V-Studio put a lot of thought into every single detail of the CEO room. The attention to the physical layout is also paramount as the detailing of the design. Of course, comfort and pragmatism were equally prioritized by keeping the working style and business needs in mind. Special attention is paid to the overall ambiance. The atmosphere is carefully constructed to represent an understated elegance with a touch of comfort in the mix. And finally, the color scheme is picked from the official graphics of your company.

MD Room


The workstation is the place, where company revenue gets generated from. V-Studio tries to create a perfect balance of ‘Productivity’ and ‘Comfort’ through our Modern Workstations ideas. While doing your office interior design, we pay special attention to your preference for an open or private workspace, a variety of working environments, ergonomics, storage & organization, adaptable desk systems, layout, color, lighting, and finally, the comfort of your employees.

Reception Area

The reception Area is frequently visited by your clients/customers and people outside your company. Visitors should leave the reception area with a pleasant first impression of your business. It’s also a space employees walk through every day and should set the tone for the work day. While designing the Reception area, V-Studio pays special focus to a well-considered layout, cozy and fashionable furnishings, company branding, a positive atmosphere, and functional space.


Conference Room

The design and layout of a conference room are important because it sets the framework for a quality meeting. Our conference room design will surely reflect the values and requirements of your company, as it will meet the physical and technological needs of the team members who will actually be using it. We decorate your conference room by equipping it with the right video conferencing system and giving your employees the tools they need to successfully collaborate.

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Just because we are offering our services at a budget rate, it does not mean that we are compromising the quality of our services. Our primary goal is to provide better service compared to our competitors in the same budget range and gain clients’ trust as fast as possible. Since day one, V-Studio is paying its full attention to quality and standards. Thanks to our wonderful clients’ positive ratings we can back our claim. We have divided our services into several specialized packages to ensure the highest quality for our clients. Feel free to check our website or visit us at our office if you have any doubts about the quality of our work. We will be more than happy to clear them up for you.

Why V Studio for Office Interior Design

There are a couple of reasons for you to choose V-Studio for your Office Interior Design. The first one is our price range. V-Studio offers the best combination of Quality and price. Compared to other interior design companies, we provide way more in the same price range. The second one is our quality compromise. Our prime focus is to provide quality service and to ensure our client’s full satisfaction. Our Devotion to quality helped us to become the best interior design company In Bangladesh. The third is our specialization and professionalism. V-Studio has its own specialized packages for your apartment, office, restaurant, showroom, hotel, and more. They gained individual high ratings from our clients. Finally, we treat our clients in very high regard. We are available to assist you with our services. You can reach our hotlines or emails any time of the day.