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How to Modernize a Split Level Home Interior

A split-level home is a style of house in which the floor levels are staggered. A split-level house provides more space separation than an open floor layout. This allows for more privacy and lessens the likelihood that noise will be carried across rooms. They can be attractive thanks to their high ceilings, effective use of space, and many other features. 

But they may also have their own particular set of challenges. So, in today’s article, we will be discussing all the challenges with split-level homes, what are the things to consider before modernizing your home, and most importantly, how to modernize a split level home interior.

How to Modernize a Split Level Home Interior

Things to Consider Beforehand 

Before you start modernizing your split-level home we suggest you to be cautious. Because most of these modernizing techniques are permanent and costly to redo. Acknowledging this, let’s get on with the things you need to consider-

1. Restrictions or Policies: Check with your neighborhood organization or the local government If there are any guidelines or limitations on house improvements. To maintain a uniform image throughout the area, some subdivisions may require residences to keep their original facades.

2. Measurements: Verify the dimensions of your split-level home, especially if you intend to employ custom-made materials to avoid any inconvenience later.

3. Budget Estimation: Determine your budget and work within it. Otherwise, you may not be able to finish your project as well as you started it.

4. Consultation: To determine whether the plans you have in mind are practical for a split-level home, speak with a designer or builder. Since they are educated about material costs and less expensive alternatives to the items you might use, you can also ask them about your budgetary concerns.

5. Schedule: Find a timetable that suits your needs. It is not a good idea to renovate your home when the kids are swamped with homework and you are too busy at work to check on the project.  You would prefer the work to be completed at a time when it won’t significantly interfere with your regular activities because it might go to be messy and noisy.

6. Licensed Professional: Make sure to hire a licensed professional. they will take care of most of these tasks for you. Remodeling split-level homes are no easy task and are not recommended for amateurs.

Challenges with Split-Level Homes 

There are some drawbacks to modernizing your split-level home. So, let’s discuss the challenges first before we get on with how to modernize your home. You may encounter the drawbacks stated below if you remodel your split-level home.

1. Expensive: This should be no surprise that any changes to your split-level interior can be expensive. Such as coating with new paints, re-modeling, and setting up new doors/windows or changing your entire floor.

2. Hard to resell: Split-level Homes in general are very hard to sell. If you renovate it according to your own taste and preferences, chances are you may find it more difficult to have a like-minded buyer.  

3. Difficult to remodel: Most of the changes made to Split-level Homes to make them modern are permanent, or very hard to remodel.

4. Security: Modernization steps may ask for replacing your front door with a modern glass door. That can compromise your home security.

5. Moving Stuff: Moving stuff are always a hassle. Sometimes you may need to purchase a new set of furniture to match your split-level home interior.

6. Breaking Walls: You may need to build or break walls to make rooms for your split-level home to make them look modern. This can be expensive and time-consuming.

7. Decorating Floor: When you convert your old floor into a modern wooden floor, it will take time to properly dry off. You won’t be able to use the floor meantime.

8. Painting: Modernizing a split-level home always requires applying new paint. If you can not tolerate the smell of fresh paint, you may not be able to use the room for quite a while.

How to Modernize a Split Level Home Interior 

There are several techniques you can apply to make your split-level home look more contemporary. Down bellow, We have listed 13 of them for you. Find out what goes best for your split-level apartment.

Apply A New Coat Of Paint 

You can apply new paint over your interior to brighten up your room. Especially light and muted colors that go well with the exterior paint can give your house an instant makeover. 

Get Skylights Installed

The skylight can bring eye-catchy updates to your home. Make sure they complement the overall theme of your home when you install them.

Increase The Windows

Increased window not only increases the beauty of your home but also allows more air and sunlight to pass through your home.

Transform Unused Rooms

To save space, turn any unneeded rooms into your home office, walk-in closet, storage area, library, game room, etc.

Ensure that your Front door looks better

You can set up a modern glass door to make your entrance door unique and they can also brighten your room.

Break Down Some Walls

An open-plan design is used in the majority of modern residences. Your usable space will improve if any unneeded walls are taken down.

Convert Your Floors

You can turn your ceramic/tiles floor into a wooden textured floor to make them appear modern. Make sure to use high-quality hardwood.

Get Rid Of Wallpapers 

In a split-level property, the wallpaper is so outdated. Modern dwellings do not have any space for wallpaper and just have plain painted walls.

Expand Your Space

If your backyard still has enough room, you can simultaneously expand your home and have a new room built there.

Improve The Appearance Of Your Stairs

Choose a more contemporary style or a color that stands out sharply from the rest of your flooring. Make the stairs distinctive.

Update Your Appliances

You need to have up-to-date appliances, but not necessarily the best ones. Newer appliances also use fewer resources and are more eco-friendly.

Change Your Furniture

Your home’s interior design, including the furnishings, should only adhere to one theme. So buy new furniture to match your new layout.

Smart Security

You can use technology to make your home more secure. Set up a smart security system.

Frequently Asked Question

How do you modernize an entryway of a Split-level Home?

You can add stylish hooks such as a coat rack just above eye level. If space is limited, create a key drop. You might also include a Sturdy Runner. A vibrant runner not only gives an entrance personality but also shields the flooring beneath from constant foot activity. 
Make sure to choose one that’s easy to clean. Adding reasonably priced lighting fixtures to your home that complements its design can be a terrific way to modernize it. Compact and affordable skylights are solutions for dark rooms and hallways. 
Lighter neutral color choices will make any room appear larger. As for flooring, think about using strong, high-quality hardwood. A long hallway is an ideal place to display your favorite artwork because it creates the impression of additional living space. 
Lastly, to update your front door, It would be fantastic to install a new front door with sidelights and an upper transom.

What can I do to brighten the entire space of my Split-level Home?

Replace your old windows with new and modern ones. Small windows can make a home look up-to-date. Add a skylight or solar tubes. Bring in some light from above too. Go for custom mirrors to reflect lights. Install custom lighting. Use light paint colors on your home. And finally, knock down any unnecessary wall that prevents sunlight to enter your home.

How can I Modernize the exterior of my Split-level Home?

You can have a more modern appearance without spending a lot of money by changing the siding on the taller side of your house. Repaint the siding in a rich jewel tone or another color that is more saturated. 
Design the bottom facade to look like a new house by using contemporary materials like stone or cedar clapboards. Choose a roof color that doesn’t starkly contrast with the color of the house. For a trendy look, it must have a pleasing contrast. Lastly, use distinctive, modern garage doors to update the appearance of your house.

Final Thought

Even though the popularity of split-level homes is declining each year, they are still the ideal home choice to date for big families who prefer privacy. Unless you planning on selling your home, modernizing your ancient-style home can be a wonderful choice. As long as you think about what needs to be thought beforehand and modernize your house accordingly, you should be fine.

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