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Interior Design Cost In Bangladesh

Interior designing in Bangladesh has recently seen a boom in the industry. This is mainly because people are starting to see their houses as temples that need to be according to their taste and appearance and we should acquire knowledge about interior design cost in Bangladesh. For this reason, people are looking for different interior design company and comparing their prices to find the best designs within budget. Even though this is a niche market, the recent boom has started to attract different types of design in the country. In this article, we are going to talk about interior design cost in Bangladesh, and how you can categorize your budget accordingly to the design process.

Interior Design Cost In Bangladesh

Cost of Interior Design In Bangladesh 

In Bangladesh, the price of interior design services depends on a number of variables, including the project’s scale, location, level of luxury, the reputation of the interior design firm, the timeline for completion, and many more.

Home Interior Design Price

People are interested in decorating their homes in an attractive manner and functional spaces in this modern decade. Since the style of premium design and the materials are typically comparable, the price for home interior design may be estimated. Although it’s uncommon, it is possible for an interior design firm to provide package pricing for house interior design. False Ceiling (Ceiling Design), Light and Ware, Kitchen Cabinet, Wall Color, Finishing Materials, Wall Cabinet, and Wall Cladding are the components that determine the cost of your home interior design based on the design process. Most interior design companies in Bangladesh offer Home Interior Design Packages that usually start from 9-12 lac BDT for the basic ones.

2 Beds, Living Room, Kitchen ( 800 sq ft – 1200 sq ft)BDT 9 to 12 lakhs (approx)BDT 13 to 16 lakhs (approx)BDT 17 to 22 lakhs (approx)
3 Beds, Living Room, Kitchen (1201 sq ft – 1600 sq ft)BDT 12 to 15 lakhs (approx)BDT 16 to 19  lakhs (approx)BDT 20 to 23 lakhs (approx)
4 Beds, Living Room, Kitchen (1600 sq ft – 2000 sq ft)BDT 15 lakhs (approx)BDT 21 lakhs(approx)BDT 27 lakhs (approx)

The above pricing includes the following services:

Decorative False ceiling

12 mm plain board (star brand) with Berger matt enamel paint.

Gorjon wood/ Gorjon board with supply all imported hardware materials.

The decorative ceiling in living, dining, and bedroom small ceiling

Included necessary spotlights, area lights, necessary electric ware

T5 Led Diffuse light. And switch socket use imported.

Sufficient light & use some hanging light if necessary.

Kitchen Cabinet

18 mm Plyboard side finish by ctg shegun wooden beat or Oke plyboard

18mm gorjon plyboard sink side use.

18mm PVC board with all hardware materials ss high quality and hydraulic hinge or it may be chain hinge.

Finishing Materials

Lacquer polish/ DOCO paint by Belgium brand /Toya &

Inner side hand polish by imported polish materials or matt enamel paint

Wall Color

Easy clean-3c.


Wall Cabinet

18mm Veneer board side finish by ctg shegun wooden beat or Oke plyboard

18mm Gorjon plyboard sink side.

18mm PVC board with all hardware materials ss high quality and hydraulic hinge.

One cabinet per room (standard size) & one Dinner wagon & One/Two Tv cabinets.

Wall Cladding

12 mm veneer board

With lacquer polish and white lacquer

The above packages are available, You can make your own design mixed with packages.

Interior Design Cost for Office

These days, contemporary offices are expressing corporate ideals and brand messages. Your office’s layout and furnishings convey your company’s objectives while creating a distinctive appearance with quality materials. Subjectively speaking, the expense of interior design for workplaces is comparable to that of interior design for homes. Because the materials you use and the style of design you utilize vary from office to workplace. So, It is challenging to specify a specific cost for office interior design. Office interior design costs may vary depending on factors like room size (square feet), material required to finish the project, level of innovation (design goals), Project Scope, and so on.

Interior Design of An Office

Frequently Asked Question

What is a normal budget for interior design?

Depending on the type of interiors you select and the scope of the project, interior designers may charge anywhere from 3 lahks to 7 lakh or more. It’s also crucial to bear in mind that the cost of interior design should typically be 10%–15% of the cost of the house, and for bigger residences like villas, it should be about 30%–35%.

Do interior designers save you money?

Not only can a professional interior design company save you thousands or even lacs of BDT, but they can also help you avoid expensive returns, save you precious time, make sure you get the greatest value for your money, and maybe even help the sale of your house in the future by making them saleable in high price.

Final Words

It is important you pay close attention to not only the package price (design charge) but also what the package includes. The interior design cost in Bangladesh depends on the reputation of the interior design firm you choose and it also plays a vital role in improving the aesthetics of your home interior or office interior. Because for a lower price or affordable cost, you may find a lesser-known interior design company. However, a lesser-known interior design firm has less expertise and proper quality, so there is a high chance that you could be dissatisfied with the quality of their work, design styles, and professionalism.

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